Nokia and Zeiss brands join hands for the Android Era

HMD Global, the Finnish company that licensed rights to produce Nokia phones is now reviving an old partnership with Zeiss camera lenses. Nokia-built phones used Carl Zeiss lenses for years, marketing it as a selling point for the popular Nokia N95 smartphone back in the days. HMD is now bringing back the Zeiss branding on Nokia-branded phones in a move designed to position its devices with yet another logo and push the idea of a superior camera.

While the partnership has been revived today, HMD isn't committing a timeframe for new phones with Zeiss Lenses. HMD's existing devices are all unremarkable mid-range phones but the company has promised a premium handset in the future.

It’s clear that any future premium handset will include Zeiss optics, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a superior camera from what’s already on the market. While Zeiss has featured on many Nokia devices, including its famous 808 and PureView handsets, it’s Nokia’s own image sampling technologies that gave it an advantage over the competition rather than the lenses alone.

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