Microsoft to offer 3 flavours of Linux on the Windows Store

Microsoft announced at last year's Build conference that it would add support for the Bash shell and Ubuntu binaries into Windows 10. This allowed developers to run command-line tools while building apps as well as allow power users to run instances of Linux without a Virtual Machine.

For Build 2017, Microsoft built upon this platform and announced support for Fedora and OpenSuSE distributions. The best part? You will be able to pick any of these three distros directly through the Windows Store.

Users will first have to enter Developer Mode on their Windows 10 machines and enable Linux support. Then, instead of loading a Virtual Machine and Linux on top of that, you just go to the Windows Store and pick your distro with a single click.

Ubuntu in the Windows Store

This announcement is inline with Microsoft's push into the Developer Community that has traditionally worked in a Linux Environment.

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