LG's Wallpaper TV! A step into the future!

Like every year, LG again has left us in awe at CES! 4K panels and huge screens with jaw dropping resolutions are LG's strong suits, but the what they announced this year will knock your socks off.

LG has always been obsessed with making their screen more wider and thinner, but this time its on a completely different level.
LG with amazing build and unreal design present to you a television with seriously lives up to its name! The wallpaper TV, or LG's W-series OLED TVs!


The future is now!

It is unbelievably sleek with a thickness of just 2.6 mm, which is insane because that is thinner than the thinnest phone ever made today!
Technically, its just a display hanging off a wall, and all the hardware which is supposed to be inside the TV, resides inside the sound bar that comes with it, the sound bar or the brain of the TV connects to the display via a band of few cables(which can be easily hidden behind a wall). This is one of the most ergonomic way of dealing with cables and wires while making the screen thinner at the same time!

something cool

It is a 4K panel, with improved colour accuracy, making the colours more vibrant and blacks look pitch black! It comes in two different sizes the 65 inch and 77 inch.
It supports Active HDR which really helps to improve higher dynamic range shots making the watching experience much more vivid and lifelike.
The design of the TV is so pristine that it has to attached to the wall by magnets(Yeah b*tch MAGNETS!) making it super easy to install and looks more like a portrait on a wall than a TV, and cannot be kept on a stand

The sound bar itself is really cool as it is Dolby Atmos capable which delivers amazing sounds, making the watching experience even more amazing!
On the back of the sound bar it contains 4 HDMI ports, 3 USB ports and audio port, so that's convenient.

sound bar

It costs well over $8000 which is kinda more than you'd pay for a normal TV, but if you want to jump into to the future that bad then this is it.

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