iPhone 8 Rumor Round-up

This is about that time of the year when all the rumors about how the next iPhone looks usually comes out, here's all the rumors we've heard and what the next iPhone may look like

As you might have seen the recently leaked photos, you might have noticed that Apple is ditching the home button for good, this might include touch ID, if the don't succeed in making the scanner under the display. If the rumors are true, it is gonna be a pressure sensitive touch button under the screen.

The iPhone 8 (or iPhone edition) will have an edge-to-edge 5.8" OLED display with the highest screen to body ratio. Which is pretty darn amazing because that's what the phones of the future should look like.

Back and front

The back of the phone will have a glass panel to support inductive charging unlike the last few previous generation iPhones.

On the other hand apple is testing 3D face scanning. This will be achieved by a stereoscopic front camera, the twin lenses on the front along with a depth sensor will scan your face within milliseconds to unlock the phone, even from an oblique angle. The camera will analyse more nodes than a fingerprint scan making it more secure than Touch ID This sounds really cool, but what if you wanna unlock your phone in the dark?
Face Recognition

The primary camera will be a vertically aligned dual camera supporting depth effect or as apple calls it portrait mode and mainly to provide advanced augmented reality using the ARKit in iOS 11 announced and demoed at WWDC 2017.

Although these are just rumors and just give an insight on how the phone might look and be like, it really looks pretty amazing.

It is most likely to be announced in October due to production delays. So all we can do is wait.

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