iPhone 7, Is it worth the hype?

Apple, the company who made the smartphone literally "smart", yet again shock the world with its new and improved iPhone 7. I guess we all saw the headphone jack going, but does the removal of the headphone jack make up for other new things about the phone? Lets find out.


With water

The iPhone 7 like its predecessor has a full metal body made of anodised aluminium on the back as well as the sides. The device is 7.1mm, coming in 5 colours, namely being Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black and the all new Jet Black.

Right out of the box, the 7 feels super premium in the hand, giving a sexy look and feel. The corners of the phone are curved and the edges have the smooth 2.5D feel which just feels satisfying while using it. The antenna lines run on the top and bottom of the phone. On the sides of the phone, there are the volume buttons and alert slider on one side and the power button and SIM card tray on the other. The bottom of the phone has Lightning port and a speaker and a microphone, but NO headphone jack. The reason why Apple had to say goodbye to the headphone jack comes down to one word "courage".

All-in-all the 7 is rated IP67 under IEC standard 60529, making it dust resistant and also resistant to splashes of water (rain for insatance). And the iPhone's all so loved traditional home button is gone too, Apple has come with a surprisingly amazing replacement to this.

Instead of a physical button, there is just Glass (and Touch ID), under which resides a pressure sensor and Apple's new component call the Taptic Engine. Basically its a vibration motor but it does much more than just buzz your phone. When you put the right amount of pressure on the home button, it gives you haptic feedback which makes it feel like your finger is travelling inwards even when its not. I was a little sceptical about this decision made by Apple but when I finally got to use it, I was amazed. To some people it may feel a bit weird at first, but its not that bad when you get used to it. Not only does the Taptic engine give haptic feedback for the home button, but while 3D touching something, the response is enhanced making it feel like you're literally pressing something in. Damn Near Genius.


Coming to the hardware department, the 7 sports Apple's new A10 Fusion chip with 64-bit Architecture and Embedded M10 motion co-processor, which really gives a boost to your battery life. It rocks a 2GB of RAM which makes it quite smooth and handles multitasking nicely and with ease. The 7 has the new Stereo speakers which makes the sound so much better than the previous iPhones. It has a 4.7" Retina display which is capable of displaying the complete DCI-P3 colour space and produces a sharp image. Although, Apple could have gone with an AMOLED display and made everyone happy.
iPhone with airpods A10

The overall performance is amazing. The battery life is surprisingly better than other iPhones, it lasts a full day on light use (8am to 7pm) with 10-15% remaining and on heavy days while using a lot of internet and clicking pictures and Bluetooth streaming, it still tries to hold up, but you might have to charge it for a while during the day. It comes in 3 different storage sized the 32GB, 128GB and 256GB. Although by testing, it has come to light that the file transfers like music, videos, etc on the 32GB model are slow whereas on the 128 and 256 models are blazing fast. Higher capacity models preferred.


Running out of the box on the iPhone 7 is Apple's new iOS 10. In all its guts and glory, it works seamless, its lightning fast and just works like a dream. It looks good, it feels go, but the only issue I had with iOS 10 is Siri. When Siri first came out she was like a real person, gave human like responses and was a bit humorous. But no, Apple's seemed to have made her less conversational. Maybe in the next updates we can expect Siri to get better.


The camera on the phone is surprisingly amazing. It rocks a 12-megapixel camera, with ƒ/1.8 aperture. It has a six-lens system which is pretty decent and takes amazing shots in bright and especially low light. The improved dynamic range makes landscape shots better and more vivid. Video recording on the 7 is quite nice, finally getting Optical image stabilization, there is less shake and the video just feels crispy and better than any iPhone so far.

Here are some picture clicked from the iPhone 7

iPhone 7

  • Pros
    • Great Camera
    • Great Build
    • Great Speakers
    • Water Resistant
  • Cons
    • No Headphone jack
    • Overheats sometimes
    • No Quick charge


Overall the iPhone 7 performs pretty well and does what Apple said it can. I have no problem recommending this phone, The only catch is that you'll be needing the dongle to connect headphones using a 3.5mm jack. Cheers!

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