iOS 11, Is it as amazing as they say?

Apple as always has been trying to make iOS better and more user-friendly, and they're almost there. iOS 11 might be one of the biggest update yet.

iOS 11 just straight out just looks extremely clean and nice, its just a delight to the eye, its not that different to the previous version but small additions here and there make it look quite nice.

Its filled with a ton of new features, and here are a few of them.

1. Do not disturb while driving mode

What it basically does is it senses when you're driving and automatically blocks all notifications so you can stay focused on the road. But it also informs people trying to reach you that you're driving.

DND Driving

2. Live Photos

We all love taking live photos, they're fun way to save your memories. Now when you take a live photo, you can select which frame looks the best and select that as your main photo. Also Apple has added 3 new features i.e

  • Loop - Which basically turn the photo into a gif
  • Bounce - In simple words, this is apples Boomerang
  • Long Exposure - Converts the imagine into a long exposure shot which usually needs some professional equipment. (this one is pretty neat)

Live Photos Live Photos

3. Siri

Siri is so much more faster after this update, she recognises what you're saying really fast and also reacts to "Hey Siri" almost instantly.
Siri can also do translations now and damn, she is fast!
Apple though advanced AI and machine learning has made Siri simply amazing.
Now, say you're listening to 'A sky full of stars', you can ask her who's the lead singer of Coldplay and she can give you that as you continue listening.
Siri now can also do translations for you now and she is good at it.
Siri can translate english to :

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Spanish

Siri's UI also got a visual update so it's much more clean and looks really nice.
To be honest I really like that new Siri icon! So futuristic it knocked my socks off.
And just by using it once I could tell that siri is now understanding what I'm saying so much faster and giving me appropriate replies really quickly.

4. Control Centre

This might be one of the best thing that came to iOS 11, it just looks beautiful, the way the toggles are arranged make it look really cool.
And you can 3D touch (long press for phone which don't support 3D touch) and get more options which is really nifty. And for the first time Apple allows you to customise the toggles and add new one or delete a few that you don't use or rearrange them according to your personal preferences which is just nice!

Control Center

5. The New App Store

The App Store as we love it got a new refresh and looks absolutely delightful right now. Its completely redesigned not only for a better user experience but also for developers to get their apps out there and make them popular. And after you purchase an app using TouchID, it gives an extremely satisfying vibration, which is really isnt a huge deal. But just feels nice to have it.

App Store

To conclude, its the biggest release of iOS yet and the fully stable update will be available this Fall.

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