AMD Threadripper : The 16-core beast is coming!

AMD announced the pricing and availability for Threadripper, it's high-end desktop platform that was first unveiled in May.

The Top-of-the-line chip will be the Ryzen Threadripper 1950X: a 16-core, 32 thread chip running at a base clock of 3.4Ghz and a boost clock of 4.0Ghz. The 1950X will retail at $999. Below that will be the 1920X: 12-core, 24 threads, at 3.5/4.0GHz, for $799.

Both chips will use a 4094-pin socket called TR4 and the x399 chipset, offering 64 lanes of PCIe 3.0 connectivity and four channels of DDR4 memory. Both have a power envelope of 180W. Internally, the chip is essentially a doubled up version of the existing Ryzens; AMD's basic building block is a unit of eight cores with 16 threads. This block is split internally into 2 core complexes with 4 cores per complex.
Threadripper has two of these chips in each package. The Epyc server processor has four.

AMD has a considerable advantage in terms of core count and I/O bandwidth. Whereas Intel has better per-core performance and higher clock speeds. As such, we'd expect that the performance comparison between Threadripper and Skylake-X to be similar to that of Ryzen and Kaby Lake.

Threadripper processors and motherboards will become available in early August. Dell will be taking pre-orders for its Alienware Area 51 system with Threadripper a little earlier, on July 27.

AMD has also announced specs and availability of its low-end Ryzen 3 processors.
The Ryzen 3 1300X will offer 4 cores/4 threads at 3.5GHz base and 3.7GHz boost clocks. The Ryzen 3 1300 is a 4 core/4 thread chip running at a 3.1GHz base to a 3.4GHz boost clock. Both the Ryzen 3 processors will go on sale on July 27.

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